EquaCoin: how to open a Waves account

A brief guide to create a new account on the Waves Platform, to trade, store and manage EquaCoin.

The Swiss company EquaCoin Ag, during the presale, used Waves-Platform in order to collect some funds from early subscribers and supporters.

The EquaCoin token (EQUA) represents EquaCoin on the Waves blockchain. Waves allows people to store and transfer it more efficiently due to Waves’ high speed and low transaction fees. Each EquaCoin token is 1:1 backed by EquaCoin (EQC) held in a secure account on the backed-up blockchain.

Once the new wallet [1] will be ready, all EquaCoin on Waves-platform [2] will be redeemable on demand , however in the mean-time, it is possible to trade EquaCoin using the decentralized market DEX .

How to do it in brief

As first, it is needed to feed your wallet with some crypto. If you don’t have Bitcoin (Ether, LiteCoin or Z-Cash), purchase them via your trusted exchange and send them to the wallet.

order to feed your wallet, Waves-platform proposes a third-party exchange able to process credit/debit card, however that procedure could result much more time consuming respect your trusted supplier.

To apply for a wire transfer using your bank account you must be an identified user under the KYC/AML [3] procedures. If you would like to apply for that, be prepared to submit your scanned ID/Passport and get prepared for a very brief webcam session. Once the procedure will be completed you will be authorized to wire bank funds in and out the platform.

Please, note that to use only crypto you do not need any identification.

Now it is time to do your very first connection to the wallet. Open your browser and digit: https://waveswallet.io/

Login page for Waves wallet alpha release

Select “ New Account”, and the browser will show following advice:


I suggest to copy the proposed wallet seeds that will be absolutely needed to connect to your account from another browser, in the future. You can have a backup of your seeds later, but copy them right now and store in a very secure place.

Attention never use above seeds cause they now refer to a public domain wallet

Complete the form with your nickname ed a very strong password (at least 20 characters, symbols and numbers).

Click on “REGISTER” to gain the acces to the wallet dashboard.

You have terminated the registration process and are ready to explore one of the most powerful wallet available at today.

The Waves-platform is based on a decentralized blockchain with many add-on able to drive you into the 21st century.

Your new Waves wallet address will be found on dashboard as follows:

Now it is time to receive a complimentary equacoin, you can submit your Wallet Address using following link.

EquaCoin AG will be happy to send you your first equacoin and some waves fractions needed to pay fees once you will decide to trade or simply send your coins.

Compile that form in order to receive your complimentary equacoin and some waves !

In order to TRADE EquaCoin, go to the DEX, the decentralized market within the Wallet, and write EquaCoin into the left field. Into the right field write Euro, or Bitcoin or whatever you want. The page will show you all available orders and you will be able to fill in order by yourself. Enjoy !


[1] Equacoin AG — Official site

[2] Get started with blockchain: Waves Platform

[3] KYC/AML: Know your customer (KYC) is the process of a business identifying and verifying the identity of its clients. The term is also used to refer to the bank and anti-money laundering (AML) regulations which governs these activities.

[4] Equacoin — Official White Paper.

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